Ring Wars - 6th May 2017

Disks are available to buy at £20 each, this includes all images from your fight

- including postage and packaging!

Or individual photos can be emailed for £3 each!

Orders can be made via the About > Order form Tab on the website or please email me if you wish to order any disks or images!

Photo prints:

6x4 - £4.00

6x8" - £8.00

8x12" - £12.00

12x16" - £16.00

Canvas prices available on request.

Each photo is numbered, I just need the number from each photo and the size of the photo. If in the Swindon area, I can deliver the images, if outside the Swindon area I can give a quote when provided with a delivery address.

Payment to be made either on delivery or via PayPal if the order requires postage. I will then email back with confirmation and total payment to be made once the the order has been placed. If you have anymore questions please let me know.

Thanks, Naomi x

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